16.10 - 23.10.2019

KiteFest El Gouna '19

El Gouna, Egypt

Join us at KiteFest El Gouna and let's explore together the best kite destination in Egypt, in an amazing resort!

skill level
Skill level
Flat, Choppy
15-30 knts

The Experience

There's an action-packed week coming, in El Gouna. It goes by the name of "Kiter's Paradise" also because of the super flat lagoon which offers ideal conditions for beginners and advanced riders aswell.

Our coach for next-level (tricks) is Vlad Postelnicu - rider with over 14 years experience and 1.5 milion views on the youtube tutorials; he has also won over 10 kite contests in Romania aswell as in other countries.

Your riding level does not matter, we've got fun activities for everyone ( starting from kiteboarding initiation & next level courses to a variety of other activities which you can try on the spot


Beginner Courses ( with IKO certified instructors )
 Improove your technique lessons ( offered by IKO certified instructors )
 Next Level Lessons ( jumps & tricks lessons offered by kitesurfing pros )


 Kiteboarding PRO demo shows
 Physical training specific for kite riding, for beginner and advanced ( offered by certified fitness coaches )


 Scuba Diving


 Valley of Kings
 Luxor Temple
 Boat Trips
 Tawila Island


KiteFest Games - friendly team contests with prizes ( team challenges, beach games, treasure hunt, surprise contests, board games )
 parties: mojito parties, beach parties
 Next Level Lessons ( jumps & tricks lessons offered by kitesurfing pros )

Weather & Nature

Wind: 13-25 knts
Water: choppy, flat areas
Compressor - not to waste any time pumping up our kites
Weather: hot
Temperature: 25-33 degrees Celsius

Rider's info

Skill level: all
Beginner friendly conditions
Good place for freeride & learning new tricks
Wetsuit: not required or short, 1-3mm