Limnos, Greece - Keros kite spot, a paradise for everybody

Andrei Blaj
  • Peak season: june - september
  • Wind: 14-28 knots
  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Style: freestyle, freeride, waveriding
  • Air temp: 28-30°C
  • Water temp: ± 25°C
  • Suitable for: Family, Group, Couple
  • Ambiance: Relaxed
Pros and Cons
+ Very good spot for learning kitesurfing (flat, reliable wind, shallow water, lots of instructors, rescue boats).
+ Surf Keros Club is one of the best organised kite spots I’ve ever been to (because of the accomodation, the kite spot with kite school, storage, gear rental, beach bar, restaurant)
+ Staying in glamping tents (with aircon, bathrooms) is an epic experience
- Gusty wind, not the best for improving your wakestyle tricks
- No nightlife
What makes this place special?
This spot is powered by Meltemi, strong & reliable wind. We’ve had wind since day one, so we didn’t get the chance to do anything else besides kitesurfing, which is awesome for a kite trip!
How to get there?
By car:
  • Drive to Kavala, Greece (7-8h from Bucharest)
  • Take the ferry from Kavala to Limnos (4-5h). There's usually a ferry departing at 16:00 and another one departing at 22.00. The ferry costs 51E/car + 18E/person; for the return from Limnos to Kavala there is a ferry at 9.00 AM, in certain days; I recommend checking and booking your ferry ride in advance
  • Drive from Limnos harbor (Myrina) to Keros Bay - 40 minutes
We left from Bucharest at 7AM and by 14.30 we were in Kavala; at 20.30 we arrived at Myrina harbor (Limnos) and by 21.30 we arrived at Surf Club Keros

By plane:
  • There is an airport on the island, Aegean airlines and few other charter companies from Europe have flights there
If there is wind, this place is peeeerfect! The spot is really good to progress, the wind is reliable, it’s ON almost all day long, the water is pretty flat.

We had an epic experience staying in a glamping (glamorous camping), in some big tents, with all the comfort.
Wind, Weather and Water
Limnos is blessed with the Meltemi winds, which are the strongest during summer months (june to september).

The wind (North East, cross on shore) starts at 8-9 AM and lasts until 3-4 PM; afterwards it changes the direction to North West, offshore and it can blow until the sunset.

During our stay (17-28.07.19) we had wind every day, ranging from 14-16 to 25-28 knots (4-5 out of 9 days it blew strong). We only had one day with lighter wind (10 knots).

The morning wind (NE) passes above a small piece of land and is a bit gusty. The evening wind (NW) crosses a big part of the island and is therefore very gusty if you ride close to the shore, but it does get more stable as you go further away from the shore. Because the wind is not coming straight from the sea and is a bit gusty, I wouldn’t recommend the spot for improving your wakestyle tricks.
The Spot
The whole action happens in Keros Bay. Riding the NW morning wind, there is flat upwind of the bay (with gusty wind though) and downwind you get waves, perfect for jumps + the wind is more stable. In the middle of the bay there is a small chop, easily rideable with a board that’s got bigger fins.

We rode at Surf Club Keros Station, which is well positioned in the central area of the bay, having quite reliable wind, flat close to the shore and a small chop further away from the shore. There are 5 more spots in the bay, some of them upwind (flat), some downwind (waves).

Surf Club Keros’ amenities are excellent:
  • Well divided area (windsurf, kite school, freeride)
  • 2 rescue boats
  • Shaded hangout area
  • Bar
  • Restaurant (with great asian food)
  • Gear rental (mainly RRD)
  • Storage
  • Kite school with 13 instructors
  • Windsurf school
  • Gear rental

The rescue boats are suuper responsive, you can ride the whole bay without needing to worry in case something would happen, whether they would come to rescue you or not. This is very useful during the evenings, when you ride off-shore.

The spot is really kid friendly and the bay is one of the best ones for learning to kitesurf (flat, reliable wind, shallow water, lots of instructors, bb-talking, rescue boats). Besides that, they organise all sorts of kite cliniques for independent riders: how to jump, how to transition, how to foil board, downwinder (very cool, from the north of the island to Keros Bay, about 30KM).

“The Downwinder” is an experience I highly recommend. It’s very well organised: after driving up north, the group starts riding downind supervised by 3 instructors, one in front and 2 behind the group. You will ride along the east shore of the island, the landscape is spectacular, the wind is stable (coming straight from the sea), the waves can be quite big (very cool for jumps) We rode 30km in about 2 hours.

Bonus, the spot is very well positioned for photoshootings: in the afternoons the wind is NE, the sun sets to the east and the rider is well exposed to the light.

Surf Keros Club Station is one of the best organised kite spots I’ve ever been to.
We stayed at Surf Club Keros in some big tents, with AC, shower and toilet inside. It was epic. The glamping concept is very interesting, it suited us well (we were 4 men in one tent).

The accomodation in Surf Club Keros is kid friendly aswell. The tents and restaurant area is really spacious and safe. There are lots of families with kids but they organise kid-only camps aswell.

I think it’s really cool that they organise one week watersport camps for kids ( windsurf, kitesurf, surf, SUP) with everything included: accommodation, meals, water sport lessons. The minimum age for this camp is 8-9 years old.
Food & Drinks
Surf Club Keros also offers breakfast and dinner besides the accomodation. We only chose to have breakfast, which was really good, exactly what we needed before a riding session.

We had lunch at the kite spot, they had really good asian food (chicken curry with rice, all kinds of pasta, sushi). The right amount of carbs we needed between riding sessions. There are a few other taverns serving lunch aswell, very close to the beach.

The dinner served at Surf Club Keros was delicious, we ate there twice. We also went out for dinner in the nearby village (Kalioppi). There are 3 restaurants with good food and relaxed vibes, specific to authentic greek island villages. In the last evening we had dinner in the fanciest restaurant on the island, Ennoia Po’xs, and we have been impressed. I highly recommend it!
It’s quite difficult to party.. On the one hand, if you ride hard during the day, it is unlikely to have energy to party. The vibes at Surf Club Keros camping are totally chill, you can drink 1-2 cocktails and maybe share some stories, but that’s pretty much it.

The restaurants do sometimes organise beach parties, but you need to make friends with the locals (instructors, bartenders) to find out about them.

Another option would be going to the harbor, in Myrina where there are some clubs, but it’s quite far away (30-40 min by car).
No wind activities
People in nature, near a waterfall in Mindoro Island
We've had wind everyday, so we didn’t have the chance to try the no wind activities that Surf Club Keros organises:
  • SUP sunset crossing
  • Inhouse: yoga, massage, surf
  • Hikes
  • Wine tasting
  • Bike trip
  • Island trips
Good to know
Girl walking on the beach in Mindoro Island
Check the ferries schedule for the day of your arrival or your departure because it changes a lot:
Useful contacts