Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Serena La Ferrara
  • Peak season: all year
  • Wind: 20-30 knots
  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Style: freestyle, freeride, wakestyle
  • Air temp: ± 30°C
  • Water temp: ± 26°C
  • Suitable for: Family, Big Groups, Couples
  • Ambiance: Relaxed
Pros and Cons
+ Amazing flat water
+ Great for beginners and advanced riders
+ Easily accessible from Europe
+ Year-round wind
+ No wetsuit needed in the winter
- Need for a car to go to the lagoon ( provided by the hotel everyday )
- No nightlife in town
What makes this place special?
Perfect spot for a chill & fun group vacation, with stable wind and beautiful flat water on the big lagoons, which are perfect for literally every level of kitesurfing skills.
How to get there?
  • International flight to Colombo
  • Transfer Colombo - Kalpytia (2.5h)
Kalpytia is one of the best spots if you are interested mainly in kitesurfing, without other major activities. It is a great place to practice kitesurfing as a beginner as it has beautiful and wide lagoons with flat water and constant wind.

As an advanced kiter it’s also amazing as there are several lagoons with pieces of land where you can challenge yourself to jump over them and get awesome shots. Also, the wide flat water helps you realize those awesome tricks that you wanted to do for a long time !
Wind, Weather and Water
The wind blows almost daily the entire year. There are two annual seasons:

  • The summer, starting from May and lasting until October, which is the strongest of the two, with breezes of 25 knots or more, five or six days per week.
  • The winter season begins mid-December and ends early April.

The weather is perfect, with air temperatures averaging 30°C and water temperatures of 26°C throughout the year, so no need for wetsuits.
The Spot
The kite spot is located in Kalpitiya. On one side of the peninsula you will find the Indian Ocean which is ideal for freeride practice and on the other side is the lagoon which is perfect for beginners and freestylers.

Most of the hotels and campsites in the region provide everyday car trips to the lagoons. Expect a 5 to 10 minute ride leaving several times during the day.
We have been recommended to go to Kitesurfing Lanka, and that is where we also went. It is a great glamping campsite with all facilities provided, from food to kite gear, transport from the airport, cars to drive you to the lagoon, nice people and a great vibe.

Before picking the accommodation though, you should decide whether you want to stay closer to either the Kappalady or the Kalpitya lagoon. Near both of them there are hotels and campsites for every budget.
Food & Drinks
At Kitesurfing Lanka the food and drinks were provided at reasonable prices and a great assortment. As mentioned before, the town doesn’t provide many restaurants or bars, but you can find a few stores where you can buy some essentials.

Our recommendation is to eat and drink inside the hotel, though.
There is no nightlife in town, although the hotels do usually organise barbeque nights, beach parties and movie nights.
No wind activities
  • SUP
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Whale watching tours
  • Dolphin tours
  • Wilpattu National Park Visit
  • Mountain biking through the countryside
Good to know
  • As Kalpytia is not a touristic town, we recommend staying inside the venue where you have the accomodation and enjoying the nights with friends or family.
  • Mosquitos had to be mentioned, especially because during the evening they are quite active. You can prevent them from biting you though, with a normal mosquito spray, which you can find in every little supermarket.
  • Visa is required before you enter the country. You can find the online visa form below
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