Spot Reviews
Kitesurfing in Gökçeada, Turkey

There you have 90% chances to get wind over 14 knots (up to 35 knots in peak season) Besides this, Gokceada has a special charm because it’s one of the few places where you can still camp on the beach, allowing you to enjoy a nomad style of living, from a “billion stars hotel”

Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Perfect spot for a chill and fun group vacation, with stable wind and beautiful flat water on the big lagoons, which are perfect for literally every level of kitesurfing skills.

Limnos, Greece - Keros kite spot, a paradise for everybody

If there is wind, this place is peeeerfect! The spot is really good to progress, the wind is reliable, it’s ON almost all day long, the water is pretty flat. We had an epic experience staying in a glamping (glamorous camping), in some big tents, with all the comfort.

Kitesurfing in Mindoro, Philipines

Live in the jungle, among palm trees, without giving up comfort, and having exactly 10 steps from your bungalow to the water. The scenery is spectacular, wild, untouched by civilization.