What's KiteFest?

We created KiteFest to share the love for the kite lifestyle with like-minded people
  • We care about bringing together and growing the kiteboarding community
  • The love for the kite lifestyle, the days and nights spent on the beach bring joy and peace into our lives
  • Our quest is to explore the world, discover the most amazing kitespots worldwide and share them with you
The KiteFest Experience makes it easier for newcomers to feel the bliss of kiteboarding and to join our community.

If you come to either kite or learn, we've got you covered.


Kiter or not, you will find something fun to do out of the water.

The KiteFest Family
Everybody is welcome in our family.
There is no age limit (our participants range from month-old babies to 65+ year old adventurers)
There is no skill level required (you can start your kitesurfing journey with, just freeride, or even bring your tricks and jumps to the next level)
The kite lifestyle means enjoying life close to the nature, the sea, the wind, the sun, the sand
"We are all equal before a wave", as the famous surfer Laird Hamilton said and if this is how you feel aswell, you already belong to the KiteFest Family.