El Gouna | Kitefest

What's Included:


3 Kite Seminars with Vlad Postelnicu


Bucharest - Hurghada flight


Sports Luggage includedt

Not Included
About Us
7 nights
Labranda Club Paradisio ****
all inclusive meals & drinks
3 Kite Seminars with Vlad Postelnicu
Bucharest - Hurghada flight
beach parties
Sports Luggage included
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Visa on arrival - 20 €
travel insurance
kite spot fee - depends on the nr of days with wind
day tours to the pyramids, to the Valley of Kings, or to the Temples
kitesurfing beginner course – 550E
tricks module with Vlad Postelnicu - the price depends on the trick chosen for the module
sports: wakepark, scuba, ATV or enduro
SPA facilities offered at our hotel
optional trips (boat trip)
optional activities: downwind trip, ATV, SUP
We are wind addicts, hooked on the JOY, FREEDOM, EXCITEMENT, PURE HAPPINESS of kitesurfing. We know life is better by the beach and we believe more people should experience it! Let’s enjoy the ride together!

Labranda Club Paradisio ****

gradeAll inclusive
The services listed below are incuded in the package:

  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Lunch Buffet
  • Dinner Buffet
  • Local alcoholic beverages: beer, wine and soft drinks are served by the glass from 10:00 - 24:00 hrs
  • Filter coffee, tea and cake from 15:00 - 16:00 hrs
  • Espresso ($)
  • Turkish coffee ($)
  • Cocktails ($)
  • 'Dine Around' El Gouna Privilege including Morgan’s Beach Bistro
The hotel offers a multitude of activities, so everyone can find something attractive to do:

  • 3 swimming pools
  • Private Beach
  • Darts
  • Billiard
  • French boules ( petanque )
  • Table tennis
  • Archery
  • Tennis - 2 courts ( $ in the evening )
  • Water polo
  • Squash
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Snorkeling ($)
  • Catamaran ($)
  • Sailing ($)
  • Kayaking ($)
  • Kite surf ($)
spaFitness & Wellness:
  • Sauna ( available for all hotel guests )
  • Steam bath ( available for all hotel guests )
  • Body treatments ($)
  • Massages ($)
  • Fitness studios
  • Fitness center
  • Planet spa
  • Live music
  • Themed nights
  • Dance
  • Professional shows
  • Games

Labranda Hotel

All Inclusive
Private beachfront
Wellness Center
Shopping Arcade
Kite Spot
3 pools
Table Tennis
Water polo
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The Great Deal

gradeHow come the price is much better with KiteFest?
There are multiple advantages for being part of the KiteFest family. Our target is to offer great value at a fair price.

And because we are a big family, we not only get better deals, but everything is more fun to do. You will always find people willing to go with you to try different activities, and you’ll basically never get bored.

And for the better price, you also forget all the worries and the hussle of finding a great hotel, arranging the plane tickets with friends and all the other things that one must do.
account_balanceLabranda Club Paradisio ****
You can see here that the price on Booking.com for this hotel for the period 16.10 - 23.10.2019 is around 725€ per person, with discount ( 1450 € for the double room ).
flight_takeoffThe flight ticket:
A minimum price for the early booked ticket would be around 400 - 450€. But if you miss the offers, then you might pay alot more and might not even have sports luggage included.
From the airport, you must take a ride to El Gouna, and then to the hotel. We’ve got it all covered for you, you will not have to pay it extra and neither worry about it.
* These costs are subject to change, and are only to be taken as a lowest price reference of some of the services. We are in no way associated with or responsible for their change. Our pricing remains the same though, even if they change ( early bird, normal and late bird ).


What it's worth:
1291 €
Hotel minimum cost:
725 €
Flight minimum cost:
446 €
Transfer to hotel:
30 €
3 Kite Seminars with Vlad:
75 €
Beach Party:
15 €
Actual Pricing:
850 €
Late Bird (<5 August):
750 €
Normal (<15 September):
800 €
Late Bird (>16 September):
850 €
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The Destination

Location: El Gouna, Egypt
We'll have a week supercharged of action in El Gouna, also considered the kitesurfers' paradise because of it's crystal clear waters, which offer ideal conditions for beginners but also for intermediate and advanced riders. Our guest star and coach for the tricks is Vlad Postelnicu - expert rider ( 14 years of experience and over 1.5 million views on kiteboarding movies on his youtube channel ) & winner of many kiteboarding, snowkite & wakeboarding contests in Romania.

However, your riding level doesn't really matter, because we've prepared activities for everybody: beginner kitesurfing course, next level lessons, tricks module, pro demo shows, physical preparation specific for kitesurfing, yoga, stretching.

If you got tired of riding or you don't have anything to do with kitesurfing, you are still welcome, since we've prepared for you a lot of off the water fun things to do: optional trips ( Pyramids, Valley of Kings, Nile river trip, Luxor Temple ), optional activities ( scuba, snorlkeling, wakeboarding, quad, boat trips ), Kitefest Games & Spa services.
El Gouna is the premier Red Sea holiday destination, a self sufficient town boasting 18 hotels and offering various activities. It's truly one of its kind.

It had started as one man’s search to find the most beautiful spot on the seaside to build a house and small boat jetty.

Twenty five years ago Samih Sawiris, chairman of Orascom Development, El Gouna’s parent company, found that beautiful spot, conveniently located just north of Hurghada on the west coast of the Red Sea. It wasn’t long before Sawiris’ friends, struck by the splendor of the azure waters and dramatic backdrop of mountains, asked to join him, and the town slowly blossomed into the vibrant community that it is today.
Our playground will be a kitesurfing paradise - we've been there before and we're eager to return.

Thanks to the shallow water, the waves never get formed so the small chop is good for tricks & jumps practice. Beginners also find it extremely comfortable to learn here, due to the shallow water and the relatively clean water bottom ( there's no rocks in most places, so you can walk barefoot ).
Info about the spot coming soon
rescue boat at any time to help
storage for the equipment
compressor - not to waste any time pumping up our kites
friendly staff always willing to assist
equipment rental
beach bar
chill out area
shower and toilets
Wind: 13-25 knts
Water: choppy, flat areas
Skill level: all
compressor - not to waste any time pumping up our kites
kitesurfing beginner course – 450E
beginner friendly conditions
good place for freeride & learning new tricks
Weather: hot
Temperature: 25-33 degrees Celsius
Wetsuit: not required or short, 1-3mm


Onwater Activities
Offwater Activities
beginners courses (with IKO certified instructors)
improve your technique lessons (offered by IKO certified instructors)
next level lessons (jumps & tricks lessons offered by kitesurfing pros)
wakeboarding ( for no wind days )
kiteboarding PRO demo shows
physical preparation/training specific for kite riding, for beginner and advanced (offered by certified fitness coaches)
KiteFest Games - friendly team contests with prizes ( team challenges, beach games, treasure hunt, surprise contests, board games )
parties: mojito parties, beach parties
  • * Pyramids
  • * Valley of Kings
  • * Luxor Temple
  • * boat trips
optional activities: snorkel, scuba
active lifestyle activities: SUP, yoga, workouts, stretching
spa services: massage, fish spa, sauna


Egypt provides great winds from spring to autumn. In the summer months, from May to October, the average wind is around 22 knots, with the afternoons sometimes getting up to 25 / 30 knts ( especially in September )! Soma Bay is blessed with strong and consistent winds, ranking it one of the best kitesurfing spots in Egypt. According to monthly wind statistics, October and November are some of the best months for kitesurfing.
Despite some travel restrictions ( to Sinai Peninsula, which we are not going to visit ), going to Egypt is safe, provided you take caution. We have visited Hurghada in April 2018 ( in total 30 kitesurfers ) and our 2 weeks were trouble free. Turist destinations are also safe to visit with the vast majority of turists having no problems and only positive experiences.
KiteFest is a very convenient option for you: we take care of all or most of the logistic and travelling arrangements.

We also offer you the chance to watch PRO demo shows and learn from the good riders and test new equipment.

Become part of our group to hang out together ( on and off water ), party, relax, have fun and enjoy our time together.
Of course! We offer you the full kitesurf course, provided by trustworthy IKO certified instructors, top rated for their professionalism, method and focus on safety.

Also, we provide all the equipment you need ( wetsuit, life vest, helmets, kite gear ).

You'll be enjoying ideal conditions to learn ( flat, shallow water, no waves, big lagoon, enough space - not crowded, rescue boat ).
We plan our trips in such manner as to include both on water and off water activities, especially because we want everyone to feel good and to enjoy the best out of our trips.

KiteFest offers you a wide range of entertainment options, not all related to kitesurf: games, parties, trips, scuba, snorkel, quads, yoga, workouts, spa services and more.

Become part of our group and we can hang out together, party, relax and have fun.